Obama Implosion Alert: Dear Leader Blames GOP For His Record Spending– Even Tho NO GOP Reps Voted For His Record Spending

Dear Leader blames GOP for his record deficit even though NOT ONE GOP REP even voted for his historic spending bills.


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Not only did Republicans not create Obama’s record deficit…
None of them even voted for it.
Not one GOP Rep voted for his historic trilion dollar Stimulus Package.
Not one GOP Rep voted for his record budget.
Not one.


President Obama is a liar. And, he’s shameless.

President Disaster will quadruple the US budget deficit his first year in office. He will reportedly spend $23.7 trillion to “fix” the economy… or bankrupt it by next year.

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Here’s the truth on Obama’s record irresponsible spending:

…The truth is that Obama inherited a 2008 budget deficit of 459 billion dollars. He voted for the 700 billion dollar bank rescue in the fall. He was left 350 billion from this spending bill when he took office. He then spent 787 billion dollars on a Stimulus Bill, 33 billion dollars on the SCHIP bill, and 410 billion dollars on his record-setting Omnibus Bill. Karl Rove explained that if Obama didn’t like the banking bailout bill he could have refused to spend that 350 billion dollars that Bush left him but he didn’t. Obama went ahead and spent it anyway.

The CBO estimated that the Obama budget deficit will total an astounding 13.1 percent of GDP this year. As a comparison, under George Bush, the federal deficit for 2008 was 3.2 percent of GDP. The deficit for fiscal year 2007, in the last budget adopted when Congress was controlled by Republican majorities, was 1.2 percent of GDP. Obama’s deficit will force the United States to borrow nearly $10 trillion in the next decade.

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