MSNBC Analyst: Obama Critics Are "Racist" For Pointing Out His Booty-Check

MSNBC analyst accused Obama critics of being racist for pointing out his booty-check:

NewsBusters reported:

MSNBC’s David Shuster and Tamron Hall labeled the circulation of a photo of President Obama…a “right wing smear,” and singled out Fox News and Drudge as culprits. They brought on a Media Matters spokesman, who accused these sites of being motivated by a “racist stereotype of an oversexed black man being a predator.” They let this accusation go unanswered (audio clip from the promos and the segment available here).

Shuster and Hall promoted the segment on the Obama picture from the start of the 4 pm Eastern hour of MSNBC’s live coverage. A graphic on-screen at the top of the hour pondered, “Right Wing Smear?,” as Shuster read the first teaser: “Plus, smearing President Obama- some on the Right went crazy over this photo they claimed shows President Obama with a wandering eye. But check the tape- the actual video shows a far different story- why the Right was so wrong with this one.”

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