Jon Voight: Obama Regime Is Controlling the Press (Video)

Actor Jon Voight told Hannity on Monday night that, “The Obama regime is controlling the press.”
Here’s the video:

Actually, the Far Left has been controlling the press in this country for decades now.
How else could such a radical street organizer become president with half the country believing he’s a moderate?

Here’s more from Jon Voight:

“We can see that Obama’s policies are failing. But, the people who brought him in are, the people who brought him into office will defend him no matter what because they refuse to feel they made a mistake. Now who brought him into office? The press brought him in. The press was a big factor and so, they got a lot of help from ACORN, this corrupt organization that is now under indictment in many states throughout the countryfor voter fraud and registration fraud and also by the way were responsible for the stealing of the election of Norm Coleman in Minnesota. But, the press brought him in and now they want to make sure that nobody topples the throne it seems so they don’t report anything that will interfere with his policies.”

But when the news is biased it can control the people in a dangerous way. We see what’s going on in Venezuela and we’re shocked. We’re shocked to see Hugo Chavez closing down the media. We’re shocked when we see what’s happening to the truth in Iran. But, this same thing is happening in our country right now. The Obama regime is controlling the press. They protect him. They cover for him and they don’t want the truth to come out that their is dissatisfaction and people are waking up and it’s being expressed in these Tea Parties.”

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