Iraqis Celebrate Joe Biden's Visit By Torching US Flags

Iraqis welcomed Biden to Baghdad this week by torching US flags.

Supporters of Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr burn a banner representing the U.S. flag during a protest in Baghdad’s Sadr City, northeastern Baghdad July 3, 2009. Supporters of Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr paraded through a Baghdad slum on Friday, burning American flags and shouting anti-U.S. slogans during a visit to Iraq by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. (REUTERS)

Greyhawk reminds us today (with video) of VP Joe Biden’s outrageous attacks against General Petraeus at Mudville Gazette.
He adds this on Biden’s latest double-speak:

While Biden ’09 comfortably contradicts Biden ’07, there is someone else who counters the newly triumphant Biden ’09 and offers hope to those dismayed by his militant statements. That someone is none other than Joe Biden.

Biden tells Americans that we’re “securing victory” and assures our Iraqi allies that “he came with a message of continuing support for the country even as the U.S. military pulls back” and “the enemies of Iraq want to again reignite sectarian violence … they will fail.” But, at the same time Biden is “warning Iraqi officials Friday that the American commitment to Iraq could end if the country again descended into ethnic and sectarian violence” – something that just maybe an enemy whose strategic handbook is titled The Management of Savagery might appreciate hearing.

Greyhawk recaps his latest trip to Iraq here and includes this on how the Iraqis reacted to Biden’s latest surprise visit:

Protesters burned a U.S. flag in Sadr City, a crowded Baghdad slum, and chanted, “No, no for occupation! No, no for America!”

One of them, Mohammed Kathem, 40, an administrator, said many of the protesters hit the streets after an imam encouraged them to do so at Friday prayers.

“Biden’s visit sent the signal to us that Iraq will be divided,” he said. “Biden’s background doesn’t allow him to play any role in reconciliation.”

Senators Richard Lugar, R-Ind, right, Chuck Hagel, R-Neb (2nd from right) and Joseph Biden, (left), D-Del, walk towards the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq in June 2003. In December 2002 Biden said the US could be in Iraq for up to a decade. But then Biden voted to cut-&-run from Iraq along with Obama in April 2007.

In 2007 Iraqi politicians united in protest against Joe Biden and US Democrats.
Biden and the dems passed legislation to divide the democracy of Iraq up into three separate states. The Iraqis were so outraged by the meddling that they protested in the streets!

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