Iowa Farmer Sells Hopey-Changey Lemonade at RAGBRAI to Pay Off Grandson's Share of Federal Deficit

Every year the liberal Des Moines Register sponsors a 7 day bike ride across Iowa called RAGBRAI.
It is an event that attracts tens of thousands of riders. This year the ride is scheduled to pass right in front of my sister’s house in western Iowa.

Many of the locals traditionally support the riders.
This year one Iowa farmer decided to sell “Hopey-Changey” lemonade.
From the Official RAGBRAI Blog today, via Free Republic:

John Scherle squeezed a little politics into the lemonade he sold on his farm near Henderson. According to the signs he posted for “Hope-y, Change-y Obama Lemonade,” with special “class warfare prices” that depend on each customer’s income. Those who make less than $25,000 per year pay 25 cents, while those in the upper income brackets pay a full five bucks.

The profits will help Scherle’s grandson pay off the federal deficit in 2030, according to one sign.“We don’t care if we sell much,” Scherle said. “We’re just getting the message across.”

Good luck!
That’s a lot of lemonade.


UPDATE: I have two nephews riding this year in RAGBRAI– Brad and Nick. They saw the sign this morning when they road through Henderson.

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