Hamas Invites Obama to Gaza …Update: Ahmadinejad Wants Public Talks With Obama

The Hamas terrorists want President Obama to visit Gaza.
One World News reported:

A peace delegation visiting the war-torn Gaza Strip traveled to Cairo last week to hand-deliver a letter from Hamas officials to President Obama, requesting the U.S. President visit Gaza to see the humanitarian situation there.

“Obama should go to Gaza and see the devastation for himself, or send envoy George Mitchell,” said Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK.

At the end of May, CODEPINK led a 66-person delegation through Gaza, where they met with various government officials, schools, hospitals, human rights lawyers, businessmen, and women’s groups in the area.

The group carried the letter from Hamas to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. They also delivered a petition signed by over 10,000 Americans, calling on Obama to see for himself the situation in Gaza.

The Syrian Regime invited Obama to Damascus this week.

UPDATE: Ahmadinejad says he wants public talks with Obama

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