Palin-Basher Liz Trotta: Palin Is Inarticulate and Undereducated… Used Her Looks to Get Ahead– Maureen Dowd is Smart & Funny (Video)

Sick. Liz Trotta, an east coast Palin-hater, attacked Sarah Palin again today. Trotta said Palin Palin has given the media “lots of raw meat” and is “inarticulate and undereducated” and hadn’t accomplished anything. Trotta said Palin “brought the attacks on herself.” She also agreed that Palin was “wacky and nutty” and only got ahead because of her looks.

And, to top it off, Trotta said Maureen Dowd’s latest disgusting hit piece on Palin was well written, smart and funny.

Liz Trotta, please go away:

Here’s some information on Palin’s accomplishments that the Trotta wants to ignore.

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