Leading Iranian Activist Ahmad Batebi: "Obama Must Quit Talking in Political Circles!"

Ahmad Batebi became the face of the 1999 Iranian Student Rebellion 10 years ago this past week. In 1999 peaceful student protests were broken up by the Iranian police after 6 days. Regime thugs broke into student dorms, threw students from windows, and shot and killed several students. Ahmad Batebi was arrested and sentenced to death for his role in the uprising.

FOX News discussed Ahmad Batebi’s story this weekend.
Click HERE for the video.

Ahmad Batebi lashed out at Barack Obama and the West on the 10 Year Anniversary of the Iranian Student Uprisings this past week.
The Telegraph reported:


Now living in the United States after seeking political asylum, Mr Batebi believes President Barack Obama needs to act more forcefully to put pressure on the regime.

Obama and Western countries must stop talking in political circles,” he said. “Instead they should clearly repeat the following sentence: ‘The coup d’etat regime of Iran must step aside and give power to the elected representatives of the people, and if it continues to imprison, shoot and torture people, it will face international consequences.'”

On June 22 I interviewed Ahmad Batebi who now lives in America. Iranian activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi translated.
Batebi said then that, “Barack Obama’s lack of response to the current uprising will not be regarded kindly by the Iranian people.”

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