Figures… Secret CIA Al-Qaeda Plan Was Approved By Congress

Of course. The top secret Al-Qaeda assassination program linked to Dick Cheney and leaked to The New York Times was originally approved by Congress.
FOX News reported:

Congress originally authorized the CIA to develop the secret counterterrorism program that is now drawing fierce criticism from House Democrats who say they were kept in the dark all along, a former senior intelligence official told FOX News on Monday.

The program, which sources told FOX News was a plan to capture or kill Al Qaeda operatives, also never came close to being operational, the intelligence official said.

“This was not a program. It never began,” the former official said. “The authority was given by Congress to develop this idea. … There was no need to brief it. It wasn’t a reality.”

Democrats want an investigation into the program, particularly following reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney was the one who ordered it kept secret.

It looks like RedState was right– This was just a typical liberal media distraction from the real news which is cap-&-tax, Obamacare and the confirmation of loony Far Left racist Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

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