There are no Blue Dog democrats.
There are democrats who occasionally vote with the GOP out of fear of losing their seat in Congress but there are NO Blue Dog democrats. If push comes to shove so-called Blue Dogs always vote with the democrats.

Just words.
Yesterday, Representative Dan Boren (D-OK) admitted this week that Barack Obama is becoming a political liability. Representative Boren comes from the reddest state in America, Oklahoma. Not one single county in Oklahoma went for Barack Obama in the 2008 election. Obama got 34 percent of the vote statewide.
Rep. Boren talks a good game.
But, Rep. voted with Obama 81% of the time. He even voted for the Stimulus boondoggle.

Boren is a typical democratic politician. Dems always run as moderates, talk as moderates and vote as liberals.


Today the state-run media is reporting that the so-called Blue Dog democrats are threatening to bring down Obamacare.
The Hill reported:

Centrist Democrats are threatening to oppose their party’s healthcare legislation unless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accepts changes that make the bill more to their liking.

Seven Blue Dogs on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have banded together to draft amendments that they’ll co-sponsor in the committee markup, which starts Thursday. Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), the Blue Dogs’ point man on healthcare, says if those changes aren’t accepted, they’ll vote down the bill.

“We cannot support the current bill,” Ross said. “Last time I checked, it took seven Democrats to stop a bill in Energy and Commerce.”

If you believe this, I’ve got a profitable Detroit car company to sell you.
No doubt, this orchestrated Blue Dog and pony show was carefully orchestrated for (or with) the state-run media. They will next pretend that the so-called moderates actually forced changes to the Pelosi bill.
It’s just a Blue Dog and pony show.
The bill will still be a massive democratic power grab.
Don’t fall for it.

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