Dear Leader Seeks Support For Nationalizing Health Care… Demonizes Doctors

Dear Leader went before the American people to urge them to hand over health care to the government tonight.
Taking over the banks and the car industry was not enough for “The One.”
The AP reported:

Six months in office, President Barack Obama sought to rally support for sweeping health care legislation Wednesday night as Congress struggled to find agreement on a historic overhaul. He vowed to reject any measure “primarily funded through taxing middle-class families.”

At a prime-time news conference, Obama defended his decision to set a midsummer deadline for the House and Senate to act, even if it isn’t met. “I’m rushed because I get letters every day from families that are being clobbered by health care costs, and they ask me can you help,” he said.

The stakes are huge not just for everyday Americans, but also for Obama, who is putting much of his credibility on the line to gain congressional passage. His stepped-up public role comes as he faces rising criticism from Republicans, sliding public approval ratings and divisions within his party. Obama acknowledged that many people are uneasy about growing federal budget deficits and the fast-rising government debt.

He said that without a deadline for action, a recent proposal to curtail the growth in Medicare costs would not have materialized “until who knows when.” He said in the past few days, leaders in both houses had agreed to incorporate it into legislation taking shape.

PJTV is holding an Obamacare forum tonight.

Consider this an Obamacare open thread.


More… 24th State— HealthCare Reform Will Ruin Your Insurance And Your Job

UPDATE: Here is Dear Leader demonizing doctors for going after your tonsils–

Link: O tonsils

Via HotAir

UPDATE 2: Pol Pot Durbin says no vote until after August recess?

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