Cap & Clobbered… Clueless Russ Carnahan Pummeled By Local Radio Hosts Over Cap and Tax (Audio-Video)

A local bakery chain in St. Louis County had it with liberal Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) last Friday after the representative and other Missouri democrats SOLD OUT Missouri workers and small business owners by voting for the Waxman – Markey bill, otherwise known as cap-and-trade.

David McArthur, the owner of McArthur’s Bakery, sent a letter to Carnahan after the vote. He told Carnahan that the enormous costs that this bill will heap on small businesses will cause his chain of bakeries to close shop.

He later posted this message seen by 40,000 cars per week outside his bakery on Lemay Ferry Road in South St. Louis County.


“Russ Carnahan voted to close us and other small business.”
Obviously, the folks at McArthur’s Bakery were not pleased with Carnahan’s vote to increase energy costs.

The story garnered attention from the local talk radio channel. FOX News and The Washington Times even reported on reported on the story.

There was such an uproar locally that the staff in Carnahan’s St. Louis office had a meeting with the owners of McArthur’s Bakery.

But, this morning, Rep. Russ Carnahan was nailed by 97.1FM Talk radio hosts Jamie Allman and Dana Loesch.
He was totally clueless about the sign.
Jamie was relentless.
This was too funny:

Too much.
Carnahan got clobbered.

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