Bullet That Killed Honduran Leftist Protester Yesterday Was Not Fired By Military

The Honduran government said that the military did not shoot the protester at the pro-Zelaya rally yesterday.

A fatally wounded supporter of ousted Honduras President Manuel Zelaya is carried away after he was apparently shot by Honduran soldiers outside of the international airport in Tegucigalpa, Sunday July 5, 2009. At least one person was killed during clashes around the airport as ousted President Manuel Zelaya appealed to the Honduran military to return its loyalty to him as he prepared to land in the capital Sunday, facing warrants for his arrest by security forces defending the airport against a crowd of thousands. (AP/Eduardo Verdugo)

The bullet that killed the young man yesterday at the Toncontin airport in Honduras was not fired from a military weapon. The military released a statement on the incident today.
Hunter Smith just released this news from El Heraldo:

This is just a rough translation, as I am hurrying to make it available in English:

The Minister of Defense Adolfo Lionel Sevilla said this afternoon that the bullet that killed a young man at the demonstration Sunday in the Toncontín airport did not come from a military weapon.

According to the experts, the bullet that took the life of a young 19 year old, was not from a military caliber. The report reveals that the direction the young man died does not coincide with the trajectory of the direction of the bullet from the armed forces.

Ramón Custodio: army used rubber bullets

The National Commissioner of Human Rights, Ramón Custodio, said this Monday that the military did not cause the death of the young man that passed away yesterday during the disturbances that happened at the airport in Tegucigalpa.

“Whoever shot wanted this person to die”, said the Commissioner of Human Rights Ramón Custodio and adding that the military elements used rubber bullets to drive away protesters who caused destruction in the international airport.

The Honduran government said they have identified Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan protesters at the pro-Zelaya rallies- El Heraldo.

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