Audacity!… Committed Abortion and Infanticide Supporter Tells Pope He Wants to Reduce Abortions

A year ago Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that he wasn’t sure at what point a baby gets human rights.
It was above above his paygrade:

But that was last year.
A funny thing happened after the election.
Obama suddenly figured it out.

Already this year, Barack Obama has signed several pieces of abortion legislation including funding foreign abortions. He also signed legislation to use taxpayer money to kill embryos in research. And, democrats are pushing legislation that will force healthcare providers to perform abortions even if it violates their moral or religious convictions.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide president in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide during his political career.

The Vatican already attacked “arrogant” Barack Obama for using taxpayer money to fund foreign abortions.

But, that didn’t stop Barack Obama from having the audacity today to promise Pope Benedict that he would reduce abortions.
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama promised Pope Benedict on Friday that he would do everything possible to reduce the number of abortions in the United States, the Vatican said.

This man has no shame.

More… Pope Benedict lectured Dear Leader on abortion anyway.

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More… The Blog Prof adds: “If there’s nothing morally wrong with it, why did Obama tell the Pope that he wants to reduce abortions in U.S?”

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