5 Iranian Qods Members Released By US- Iran Praises Obama For Their Release (Video)

The 5 Iranian Qods Force members who were detained in northern Iraq two and a half years ago were released back to Iran this week.

Iran Press TV reported:

Five Iranian Diplomats who had been abducted in Iraq by the U-S military in January 2007 have been freed and handed to the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. The decision to free them was made under an agreement with the Iraqi government as part of the gradual end of U-S military operations in Iraq. The Diplomats’ release is already being interpreted as a positive signal from the U-S government to Iran. Amir Mehdi Kazemi has this report.

The US Military confirmed in January 2007 that the five Iranians arrested in northern Iraq were indeed connected to an Iranian Revolutionary Guard faction that funds and arms insurgents in Iraq. The names of the detainees were not released.


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