Lebanon Goes to the Polls– Record Turnout …Update: HEZBOLLAH DEFEATED!

After a record turnout they’re counting votes in Lebanon.
Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies are looking to defeat Lebanon’s ruling U.S.-backed coalition.
Reuters reported:

The Pro-West candidates are up against the Hezbollah-Iran-Syria-Stupid Christian ticket.
The Iranian regime was a big spender in this year’s election.

Blacksmiths of Lebanon is following the results.
Beirut Spring and Sharek961 are tweeting the vote.
Unofficial elections results can be found here:

Free Patriotic Movement
Lebanese Forces
Official Lebanese Election 2009 Website

Here’s the First Bad News– Jimmy Carter is in Beirut and said everything is fine.

Ya Libnan reported that several of the candidates in this year’s election had their immediate relatives assassinated by the opposition.

Vehicles burn at the site of a car bomb attack in Baabda. Lebanon’s Brigadier General Francois El-Hajj was among at least four people killed by a car bomb that targeted the military in a Christian suburb on the outskirts of Beirut in December 2007. (AFP)

Anti-Syrian leaders Assassinated in Lebanon:

Rafik Hariri -February 14, 2005
Samir Kassir -June 2, 2005
George Hawi -June 21, 2005
May Chidiac (attempted assassination) -September 25, 2005
Gebran Ghassan Tueni -December 12, 2005
Pierre Amin Gemayel -November 21, 2006
Walid Eido -June 13, 2007
Antoine GhanemSeptember 19, 2007
Francois al-Hajj -December 12, 2007

New evidence released in May suggested that Hezbollah was behind the Hariri murder in February 2005.
The former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was blown up on Valentine’s Day in a massive explosion.

Far Left nutroots blog Daily Kos wonders- “Will the US respect the outcome?”

UPDATE: Unofficial Seat Count:

•M14: 14
•M8: 15


Naharnet also reported:

12:31am PM Saniora: What happened today is a victory for the logic of the state.
12:30am FPM announced its list is winning in the northern Metn.
12:28am The opposition confirmed that it won the three seats in Zgharta.
12:24am A March 14 official to AFP: Indications so far are that our camp will maintain its majority in parliament.

M14 are the pro-US candidates.

Reuters reported- Lebanon’s Geagea sees vote win for anti-Syria camp.
Africasia also is reporting this breaking news.
Breaking Tweets is also reporting on the big win for M14.

Mark in Lebanon tweeted: “EVERYONE PUT ON OTV (the opposition TV)! There’s videoclips! No more election news, hahaha!”

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