Thanks Barack… Dollar Drops Over Currency Doubts

Thanks Barack.

Dear Leader says he’s losing sleep over the ginormous deficit he’s racked up.
Sadly, it hasn’t seemed to alter his spending habits. Obama wants to blow another four trillion on nationalized health care in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, in the real world, global economic leaders are concerned about the future of the dollar. Brazil, Russia, India and China called for a “more diversified” currency system on Monday. This caused the dollar to drop today.
Breitbart reported:

The dollar fell against the euro and yen on Wednesday after major emerging economies cast doubt on its long-term future as the world’s main reserve currency, dealers said. In late morning trading in London, the European single currency climbed to 1.3867 dollars from 1.3838 dollars in New York late on Tuesday.

Against the Japanese currency, the dollar slipped to 96.30 yen from 96.42 yen on Tuesday.

Leaders of the so-called BRIC nations — Brazil, Russia, India and China — had on Monday called for a “more diversified” currency system.

“The BRIC leaders are divided between supporting the US dollar — as it is the only choice for now — and advancing the march for an alternative,” said Phil McHugh, who heads the corporate foreign exchange desk at

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