Sotomayor Says She Will Now Start Following the Law As Supreme Court Justice

Racist Sonia Sotomayor told senators that she will now start to follow the law if she is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.
Sotomayor believes her ethnicity makes her better able to decide cases than her white male colleagues.
The AP spins:

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor sought Tuesday to hit back against GOP charges that she would let her background dictate her rulings, telling senators in both parties that she would follow the law as a justice.

In private meetings that marked her Capitol Hill debut, Sotomayor, who would be the high court’s first Hispanic and its third woman, explained her views of a judge’s role and the impact of her life experiences to leaders of the Judiciary Committee, which will have the first crack at weighing her confirmation.

“Ultimately and completely, a judge has to follow the law no matter what their upbringing has been,” Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the panel chairman, quoted President Barack Obama’s nominee as saying in their closed-door session on Capitol Hill.

Leahy had asked Sotomayor, 54, what she meant when she said in 2001 that she hoped her decisions as a “wise Latina” would be better than those of a white male who hadn’t had the same experiences. Prominent Republicans have cited the 2001 remark to call her a racist.

Barack Obama insists that Sotomayor misspoke when she read her speech about inferior white men to La Raza members.

Sotomayor was overturned 60% of the time by the Supreme Court.

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