Sick. David Letterman: Palin Updated Her "Slutty Flight Attendant" Look– Cracks Palin Hooker Joke (Video)

Letterman has officially crossed over from funny to mean.

This guy is a jerk.
David Letterman attacked Sarah Palin on his show last night in his Top 10 List.
Real Clear Politics reported: While reading his top ten list Monday night, “Late Show” host David Letterman said Gov. Sarah Palin bought makeup from Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight attendant” look.

The list included Palin buying crack and keying cars.


More… Did Letterman just call Palin a hooker?
Elmo thinks so:

Actually … now that I’ve looked at it…
“After a wink and a nod, ended up with a kilo of crack.”


Turning a trick for a taste/rip. AKA a “strawberry” (in 80’s parlance). Most any streetwalker of the period. Who cared not a whit for money. Simply and just the next dose of rock cocaine.

Certainly the feminists will be outraged when they hear about this.

UPDATE: Palin responds.

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