Regime Continues Slaughter– 150 Unconfirmed Deaths

They’re shooting the unarmed democracy protesters on the street!
A woman is shot dead in Iran today.

The regime is shooting protesters dead.
It is the middle of the night in Iran– The people are downloading their videos–

A Young Man Is Shot Dead by the Regime:
(Warning: Very Graphic)

Young man shot dead by evil regime — Video.

CNN: At least 19 people died in unrest Saturday Tehran,sources at one hospital. Unconfirmed reports put the death toll at 150 dead.

Mousavi has not been seen since his rally on Thursday.

Banafsheh and Playboy salute the Lipstick Revolution:

For them, protesting Iran’s current regime goes beyond rallies and marches—it’s also about displaying their centuries-old legacy as voluptuaries. Up until 1980, when the Ayatollah Khomeini forced them to trade Chanel for chadors, Persian women were regarded as among the most lovely and stylish in the world. Since then the country’s bizarre theocracy has made simple pleasures like wearing makeup or showing off hair grounds for imprisonment (or far worse). Here we salute Persian women as they fight for freedom—and femininity—once again.

After the slaughter on the streets today of innocent Iranians, Barack Obama asked the regime to end its “unjust actions.”
Unjust actions?

More… Gruesome video of a young girl murdered by the regime:
(Caution: Very Graphic)

More… Photos from New York City pro-Iran demcracy rally.

UPDATE: Iranian blogger Azarmehr has this:

The most disturbing account I heard today was from an eyewitness in Sattar Khan Sq. She witnessed 50 riot guards club a young man to death and even when he was dead and drowning in his pool of blood, the riot guards continued to beat his dead body as if they were getting high on an orgy of pleasure from senseless violence. She said she was so distraught from what she witnessed she had to throw up when she got home.

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