O'Reilly: "By the Way Far Left Loons Out There- Holocaust Museum Killer Has Me Listed As A Bad Guy" (Video)

Bill O’Reilly addresses the Far Left loons–

“By the way for you Far Left loons out there here’s something very interesting. You know the guy who murdered the security guard at the Holocaust Museum has me listed on his website as a bad guy.”

From The Factor tonight:

So far, this is what we know about James von Brunn, via icwhatudo at Free Republic:

Registered Democrat (needs confirmation)
Christian hater
Jew Hater
FOX News’ O’Reilly hater
Weekly Standard hater
Bush hater
Neo-con hater
9-11 was an inside job nut
Stated that “SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West”
Stated that the Apostle Paul destroyed Rome by undermining its pagan virility.
Hated corporations

Sorry dems, he was no conservative.

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