Noted Iranian Regime Lackey and Dem Supporter Backs Obama’s Non-Stance on Iran

The people of Iran know Trita Parsi.
It is no secret that he is thought to be a lackey for the regime.

This cartoon is from Iran Press News back in 2008. In the cartoon Ayatollah Khamenei says to Trita Parsi: “Go tell them that human rights the islamic version is better.”

The protesters on the streets of Tehran are pleading with the US and the West to intervene and help stop the slaughter of innocent democracy protesters.

But, one regime lackey here in the US is boldly supporting Barack Obama’s non-stance on the democratic movement in Iran.
The state-run media here in the US is now publishing editorials by noted Iranian regime sympathizer and leader of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) a pro regime group here in the states.
Here is a piece of Trita Parsi’s editorial today in support of Barack Obama.

Accusing President Obama of weakness may generate some headlines, but it misses the point. A closer look reveals that the president’s approach has paved the way for the current stand-off in Iran and that he is supported by those seeking their rights in Iran.

Many have argued that the president shouldn’t side with any particular faction in Iran since doing so could backfire. Having the US on your side is not necessarily a good thing in Iran. Washington neither wants to make itself the issue in Iran, nor is it eager to help Mr. Ahmadinejad stage a comeback.

But two more salient points have been lost in the American debate. First, who makes the decision to help – the US, or the people America wishes to help?

Remember: Trita Parsi writes this as his countrymen are being slaughtered in the streets of Iran.

Meanwhile, opposition candidate Mehdi Karoubi urged Iranians to mourn for dead protesters on Thursday.

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