New York Republican Leader Brian Kolb to CBS: Fire Letterman! (Video)

New York Assemblyman and Minority Leader Brian Kolb wants CBS to fire David Letterman.
Kolb was interviewed on FOX News on Sunday morning:

Brian Kolb sent a letter to CBS on Friday.
FOX News reported:

Minority Leader Brian Kolb, a Republican, is calling on the CEO of CBS to fire David Letterman for crude comments he made about Sarah Palin and her daughter.

In the letter to CBS chief Les Moonves, Kolb said he took Letterman to task for the “shockingly inappropriate” jokes.

“As the proud father of a daughter, and as a husband, I wanted Mr. Moonves to hear from me directly about Mr. Letterman’s disparaging remarks,” Kolb said in a written statement.

“Firing Mr. Letterman would send a clear message that CBS will not tolerate any of its employees — even an established media figure like Mr. Letterman — making demeaning and degrading comments about women.”

More… Pagar adds this:

59,934,814 votes for Mccain/Palin in Nov 2008 according to and we (the ones who voted for her) are just going to set here and let leftists trash her. I can’t imagine why any decent American would be willing to subject themselves to absolutely certain leftist abuse in any future election after watching this. Not only should Letterman be fired, but those that are supporting him should pay a price also.

If we’re not willing to draw a line in the sand here, when will we draw that line? My guess is never.

UPDATE: Joe Scarborough says Palin is “picking a fight” with Letterman.


UPDATE 2: A “Fire David Letterman” protest will be held in New York on Tuesday.

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