Matt Blunt Opens Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference in St. Louis

The Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference (CHLC) is being held tonight and tomorrow at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. The purpose of the conference is to bring together conservative policy makers from across America’s Heartland to discuss and honor conservative principles in practice.

(Left to Right) Shane Osborn, Matt Blunt and Grover Norquist

Tonight former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt joined Nebraska Treasurer Shane Osborn and ATR President Grover Norquist from the Center for Fiscal Accountability to discuss the importance of transparency in government. The three agreed that having an open and transparent government will force government to control their spending- something that is desperately needed in our country today. Blunt created the Missouri Accountability Portal in 2007. The portal was presented to the citizens of Missouri as a single point of reference to review how their money is being spent and other pertinent information related to the enforcement of government programs.


Former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt talks with Darin from Reboot Congress.

Randy Soriano (far right) and Matthew Cutler (left) attended the dinner tonight. They are pictured here with their lovely wives. Randy and Matthew are the founders of The Joshua Chamberlain Society. This organization identifies and adopts wounded or fallen military service members who have made such an extraordinary sacrifice for our country. This group is dedicated to making an on-going commitment to our Heroes for the remainder of their lives (or the lives of their families, for fallen Heroes).

The Missouri Record is also reporting on the conference.

I will be back at the conference in the morning and will report more on then.

UPDATE: Here’s another photo from Darin

Former Governer Blunt was very impressed with my words of conservative wisdom.

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