Gerald Walpin Slams Obama For "Most Incredible Smear" (Video)

Fired inspector general Gerald Walpin slammed Barack Obama today for the “most incredible smear.”

Last week, Dear Leader fired inspector general Gerald Walpin after he identified millions of dollars in AmeriCorps funds that were wasted or misspent. The man in charge of Americorps is a top Obama supporter and friend. Mayor Kevin Johnson used AmeriCorps grants to pay volunteers to engage in school-board political activities, run personal errands for Johnson and even wash his car.

Today Team Obama said Walpin was “confused” at a meeting and had to be fired!!


Today on The Glenn Beck Show Walpin fired back:

Gerald Walpin on his firing:

“I think for them to say that I was disoriented was an amazing, amazing slinging of mud… Frankly what they’re saying, anybody who knows me and everybody who knows me and those people who’ve heard me on television, those people who’ve heard me on radio, know that this is the most incredible smear that has ever occurred to someone only because he’s standing up to the most powerful machine on earth.

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