Dems Pass Largest Tax Increase In History– Cap & Tax Squeaks Through House

The Summer of Destruction Begins…

Time to reflect–
Earlier today Rep. Tom Price asked for a moment of silence for the millions of Americans who will lose their jobs by passing this legislation:

Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) requested that the House observe a moment of silence during debate on the Democrats’ National Energy Tax to remember those who will lose their jobs because of this legislation.

Here we go– more economic destruction.
The Examiner reported:


The highly publicized Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill (H.R. 2454) cleared the House Friday afternoon by a roll call vote of 219 to 212.

Proponents hailed its passage as a crucial step towards the creation of what prominent Democrats have called a new green energy economy.

The bill’s opponents, which included 168 Republicans and 44 Democrats, insisted that the legislation would raise consumer energy prices and would have negligible effects on global climate change.

Horrible. A 1,300 page bill that no one has read was just rammed down our throats.

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