Breaking: Opposition Leaders Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi Will March Together Saturday In Tehran

Breaking: Opposition leaders Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi will gather tomorrow at 4:00 PM and march from Enghelab Square to Azadi Square in Tehran for a crucial green protest.
They are defying the regime leader’s warning to accept the election results.

On Friday Iran’s regime leader Khamenei sternly warned opposition leaders to end street protests or be held responsible for any “bloodshed and chaos” to come.

A protester holds up a photo of the Iranian soccer team wearing green wristbands in support of the opposition. (Mehr News)


Thug contained:

Azarmehr posted this picture of a club wielding thug contained by the noble and courageous people of Iran.

The basij guards are attacking people in their homes in Esfahan:

The crying in the background is horrible.
Via Azarmehr

The Berman Post has a roundup posted for Friday.

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