Too Much!… Greta Van Susteren Mocks Barack Obama's Massive Spending (Video)

This is bad.
Even the mild-mannered Greta Van Susteren is mocking Barack Obama’s spending now.

Tonight on her show after listening to the Spendaholic in Chief lecture America on overspending, Greta responded, “I must be nuts!”
Here’s the video:

Greta and Steve Moore from The Wall Street Journal get a good laugh out of Obama lecturing America on overspending.

Barack Obama lectured John McCain on deficits and spending during the campaign.
At each of the three presidential debates he promised to cut the US deficit.

Instead, Obama will quadruple the deficit this year.
Obama’s budget Obama’s budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, and adds more to the debt than all previous presidents — from George Washington to George W. Bush — combined.
And, he’s planning on spending billions more on new entitlement programs.


Obama is a perfect example of someone who likes to talk the talk but won’t walk the walk.
Evidently, he has a history of this.

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