Shocker! Far Left Removes Rep. Schakowsky's Outrageous Speech From YouTube

Verum Serum sends this update on the Schakowsky health insurance scandal:

The Dems are fighting back on this…some one filed a copyright complaint with YouTube on the original Schakowsky video and it was removed.

You can find the whole video here, but it can’t be embedded.
The clip I had used starts at the 5:25 mark.

There is a good backstory here which I may blog about. Short version is that a liberal healthcare activist organization supporting Obama’s reform plan, backed by MoveOn, Acorn, and every major labor union, was the original entity which posted this video (the link above). The morons didn’t even realize what they had put out there and the damage it could do to their own cause.

Wow!… If you listen to this whole video it is so evident that this woman is a dangerous Far Left loon.
She is a Stalinist- and that’s not name-calling, it’s just fact.
No wonder they yanked her video.

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