Sen. Barrasso Blasts Dems Destructive Energy Plan In GOP Weekly Address

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) honored those who gave their lives for this great nation in the GOP Weekly Address.
He also blasted Democrats for their destructive energy plans that will decimate the US economy and cost US families $700 to $1400 each year:

The Democratic plan for America’ energy future relies on wind and solar- two sources that currently supply 1% of our energy needs. The Dems plan ignores or punishes oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy- the main US sources of energy. Barack Obama even admitted last year that the Democratic plan of a cap and trade passed this week through the House Energy and Commerce Committee would necessarily cause electricity rates to skyrocket. Obama also admitted the energy companies will pass that cost onto consumers.

And, now that oil is starting to climb back to $75 per barrel what is the Democratic plan? Wind.

Senator Barrasso responded.
The Billings Gazette reported:

In the party’s weekly radio and Internet address Saturday, the Republican from the nation’s leading coal-producing state said that the GOP supports a more comprehensive energy plan that would increase funding for energy research, develop U.S. oil and gas resources and promote clean coal and nuclear power.

“Democrats have focused solely on what they call green jobs. Those are jobs from alternative energy. I support green jobs, but why discriminate?” Barrasso said. “American energy means American jobs, which is why I support red-white-and-blue jobs.”

He said renewable energy such as wind and solar power is important, noting that Wyoming has world-class wind resources. But Barrasso said wind and solar only account for about 1 percent of U.S. electricity, far less than what is needed to meet the nation’s energy needs.

Wyoming is the nation’s leader in coal production, and coal mining contributes hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year to the state.

Barrasso also said Democrats were misguided by ruling out drilling for oil in places such as the Outer Continental Shelf and Alaska.

“There’s enough oil shale in the Rocky Mountain West alone to power America for the next hundred years,” he said. “As a nation, we need to be more energy independent. It is a matter of energy security, as well as national security.”

Jules Crittenden has more on the Dem’s latest plan to ruin the economy:

Fascinating “Washington Memo” by NYT’s Helene Cooper slams Obama’s growing use of bogus strawmen, when he goes after people who want to “do nothing,” about economic woes, health care, climate change. (I’d like to raise my straw hand on the climate change one. Do nothing, please. That global case of Von Munchausen Syndrome needs a psychiatrist, not a doctor, because the quack cures now being forced down our throats are a waste of time and money in dire economic times, at best, and in fact a destructive, border-line totalitarian exercise in ideological agenda-pushing based on flawed if not coercively skewed science. I hope that takes some of the straw out of Obama’s argument, Helene.)

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