Outrage!… Don Rumsfeld & Wife Attacked By Code Pink at Correspondents Dinner– Media Silent (Video)

Once again a prominent conservative is attacked by Leftists…
Once again the media is silent.

These Marxists should be prosecuted.
Donald Rumsfeld and his wife attended the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC last weekend. As they entered the building they were viciously harassed by Code Pink goons. The activists not only attacked Rumsfeld but bullied his wife as well.
Of course, the media was silent.

The Powers That Be first reported on this disgusting attack:

Of course, conservatives are attacked like this in public all the time.
This is just the latest example when a well-known conservative and his wife were bullied and the liberal media looked the other way.
And, by their silence, the media condones this brutish behavior.

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