Offshore Technology Conference: Climate Change

Offshore Technology Conference– Climate Change
I am attending the Offshore Technology Conference this week in Houston, Texas.
The Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

Also here at the conference this week are are JR Hoeft (heh) from Bearing Drift, McQ from Q and O, Kevin Holtsberry from RedState, Joy McCann of Little Miss Attilla, and Nick Loris from Heritage’s “The Foundry“.

Today’s panelists included an A-list of global warming alarmists who discussed climate change. Investor’s Business Daily reported today that the environmental left is conceding that its effort to “fight” global warming is in trouble because the public has tuned out the message. So the plan is to obscure the agenda even more.
Today’s panelists were hardcore climate change religionists.
Panelists included:
Panelist #1: Gerald North Texas A&M University
– The planet already has a green house affect and so we are debating now if humans are increasing the temperatures. North posted a number of charts. He concluded that AGW is occurring.

Panelist #2 Thomas Peterson: Global warming is trending 2.3 degrees higher each century. The warming is much stronger in the last 30 years with 1 percent higher each decade. The world is warming. We know that unequivocally. The temperature is actually increasing. 9 out of 10 chances is due to us. He insists that every single model agrees. He predicts that Minnesota will soon experience a climate like northern Oklahoma.

Panelist #3: Kevin Trenberth– Global Warming Is unequivocal
There is no doubt that global warming is happening and the polar bear is losing its habitat. It was really during the 1970’s that global warming was occurring. Sea level is rising. Since 1992 global seal level has increased 1.9 inches- a little over 3 millimeters each year or about 1 foot per century.

Panelist #4 Carl Langner: A global warming skeptic! Says 1930’s was the warmest decade up to today. Satellite readings have shown no temperature change in last 20 years. Instrumental bouys in oceans are showing a cooling trend. Two fundamental facts on manmade global warming. The first serious question about AGW has to do with ice core data. In 1999 scientists determined that the CO2 increase follows the increase in temp on the earth. So when the oceans warm they give off CO2. As the earth cools the CO2 decreases. CO2 is therefore a by-product. Records from balloons show no warming.

This was just rich. For the past 15 minutes the AGW religionists have been beating up on professor Langner.
Unfortunately, the conference will not allow attendees to record the discussion.
They are screening questions from the audience. This seems to be the typical approach by the global warming religionists wherever they are speaking and they may get questioned on their religion.

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