Obama Shames Americans In Memorial Day Message

This Far Left nut and his wife attended a church for 20 years where America was viewed as an oppressive racist regime that rained death down death on millions of innocents. But suddenly, during his campaign, Barack Obama showed a newfound respect for this nation and our military. Today this disciple of Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers lectured America on respecting the military.
The AP reported:

President Barack Obama saluted veterans and urged his countrymen to do the same this Memorial Day weekend, saying the nation has not always paid them proper respect.

In his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday, Obama said people can honor veterans by sending a letter or care package to troops overseas, volunteering at health clinics or taking supplies to a homeless veterans center. He said it could also mean something as simple as saying “thank you” to a veteran walking by on the street.

“We have a responsibility to serve all of them as well as they serve all of us,” Obama said. “And yet, all too often in recent years and decades, we, as a nation, have failed to live up to that responsibility. We have failed to give them the support they need or pay them the respect they deserve.

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