Media Hoop & Holler For Obama at Dinner: "Most of You Covered Me– All of You Voted for Me" (Video)

His delivery was lame and his jokes were insulting.
But the media sure loved him at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC.

Obama received the most applause from the media and Hollywood elites when he said:

“Most of you covered me. All of you voted for me.”

Here’s Barack Obama’s speech if you can stomach it:

Obama should stick to the TelePrompter.
His comedic skills were lame and his jokes were hard and mean spirited. Of course, he put his Bush-bash right up front in his speech. He bragged about Michelle Obama and joked about the Air Farce One flight that scared the hell out of New York City. He included his usual slam on FOX News.


Obama also included something in his speech about “re-engaging allies” and included a photo of Prime Minister Brown– the same guy he gave a cheap Hollywood DVD set to that won’t work in Great Britain.

On Former VP Cheney: “He is very busy working on his memoirs, tentatively titled, “How to Shoot Friends and Interrogate People.”

Part 2 of his talk is here.

Meanwhile Wanda Sykes was at the event to roast Obama but instead went after Rush, Hannity, Sarah Palin and Cheney.
The media loved it.

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