Lib California Speaker Karen Bass Says Voters Rejected Tax Hikes Because They Were Fatigued & Uninformed (Video)


California Speaker of the State Assembly Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) says voters sent a clear message to state officials with their defeat of the budget related measures.
But, the liberal speaker says that the people were just misinformed and fatigued by all of the voting lately(?)
Otherwise, they would have voted for the billions in tax hikes.

Stupid Californians:

Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles):


“In talking to different organizations that did focus groups and polling throughout the process and also organizations that did exit polling afterwards, it was really clear that voters were giving us a very specific message– This is too complicated. We don’t want to vote on it. We are fatigued with the number of elections we’ve had especially special elections and we want you to go back to Sacramento and resolve this.”

And, here we thought it was because the people of California were sick and tired of runaway government spending and high taxes?
Thanks for clearing that up, Karen.

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