Jackpot! Massachusetts Hands Out Free Cars to Welfare Recipients

Now this makes sense…
The state of Massachusetts is handing out cars complete with pre-paid insurance, a pre-paid repair plan, and keys to welfare recipients.

The program is funded by a boost in state spending.
The Boston Herald reported:

Gov. Deval Patrick’s free wheels for welfare recipients program is revving up despite the stalled economy, as the keys to donated cars loaded with state-funded insurance, repairs and even AAA membership are handed out to get them to work.

But the program – fueled by a funding boost despite the state’s fiscal crash – allows those who end up back on welfare to keep the cars anyway.

“It’s mind-boggling. You’ve got people out there saying, ‘I just lost my job. Hey, can I get a free car, too?’ ” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading).

The Patrick administration decided last month to funnel an additional $30,000 to the nearly $400,000 annual car ownership program.

Maybe Barack Obama’s illegal aunt in the housing projects will qualify for the program?

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