Iranian General: "It Will Take Us 11 Days to Wipe Out Israel" (Video)

A German TV station yesterday aired video of Iranian Army General Commander Ataollah Salehi claiming that, “It Will Take Us 11 Days ‘To Wipe Israel Out of Existence.”
They obviously have put some thought into it:

Yid with Lid reported this story posted at MEMRI:

“I Do Not Think We Will Need More Than 11 Days to Wipe Israel Out Of Existence”

Voiceover: “Nothing can prevent Iranian missiles from targeting the heart of Israel, if Iran is subjected to a military strike by Israel. This was the response of the Iranian military commanders to the Israeli statements about a possible military strike against Iran, because of its insistence on obtaining nuclear energy. Yet an [Israeli] attack seems improbable to the Iranians, because Tel Aviv does not have the ability to go through a war with Tehran.”

Iranian Chief-of-Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi: “We are fully prepared to confront any attack that would threaten the interests of Iran. We have sufficient means and the necessary force to defend our territory.”

General Ataollah Salehi, general commander of the Iranian army: “The truth is that Israel does not have the courage to attack us. If we are subjected to any attack by Israel, I do not think we will need more than 11 days to wipe Israel out of existence.”

Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also called for the end of Israel during his campaign speech.

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