Iran Test-Fires Advanced Missile That Can Hit Israel & Europe

Iran’s “clenched fist” gets tighter.

The regime in Iran test-fired a new advanced missile today capable of reaching Israel and Europe.
The Islamic Republic News Agency reported:

Iran launched advanced surface-to surface missile called ‘Sejjil-2’, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday.

President Ahmadinejad, who is in the northeastern province of semnan at the last leg of his 60-province tour, said the surface-to-surface missile was launched Wednesday morning in the province and successfully hit its pre-determined target.

The missile which belongs to the advanced generation of surface-to-surface missiles was first tested in November, 2008.

The Sejjil missile has a range of almost 2,000 kilometers and is different from Shahab-3 missile. It operates in two stages and uses solid fuel, whereas, Shahab-3 missile is one-stage operator and uses liquid fuel.

The announcement came just two days after Barack Obama said he wanted a positive response from Iran by year’s end.
The regime must have figured they had a few months to blow so went ahead with their launch.

More… The regime released photos of the supposed launch later today:

Fars News

UPDATE: So much for that EastWest Institute report.

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