India Believes Pakistani Nuke Sites Are In Hands of Extremists

Here’s a comforting thought…
There is a report out today that India believes that Pakistani nuke sites are already partly in the hands of Muslim extremists.
The Times of India reported:

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has told President Obama that nuclear sites in Pakistan’s restive frontier province are “already partly” in the hands of Islamic extremists, an Israeli journal has said, amid considerable anxiety among US pundits here over Washington’s confidence in the security of the troubled nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Claims about the high-level exchange between New Delhi and Washington were made in the Debka, a journal said to have close ties with Israeli intelligence, under the headline “Singh warns Obama: Pakistan is lost.” The brief story said the Indian prime minister had named Pakistani nuclear sites in the areas which were Taliban-Qaida strongholds and said the sites are already partly in the hands of “Muslim extremists.” A sub-head to the story said “India gets ready for a Taliban-ruled nuclear neighbor.”

The report originated from Debka which is not the most dependable website.
Still this is a concern on people’s mind especially since the Obama administration publicly warned about Pakistan’s collapse.

Meanwhile… Admiral Mike Mullen, the top United States military officer, on Saturday

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