Smart Power– Hillary Clinton Welcomes Trial of US Journalists in North Korea

One Free Korea reported on Hillary Clinton’s response to the news that two US journalists are going on trial in North Korea:

At a press appearance with Malaysia’s foreign minister, Clinton cast the announcement as, potentially, good news. “Actually the trial date being set we view as a welcome time frame,” said Hillary Clinton. “We believe that the charges are baseless and should not have been brought, and that these two young women should be released immediately. But the fact that they are going to have some process we believe is a signal that there can be, and I hope will be, a resolution as soon as possible.”

This is obviously the latest example of that smart power Hillary promised us.

Two American journalists Laura Ling, right, and Euna Lee were detained by North Korean soldiers while on a reporting trip in March near the country’s border with China, South Korean news reports said. (Yonhap/AP Photo)
Hat Tip Takekaze

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