Gibbs Responds to Dick Cheney: Gitmo Doesn't Work… Huh?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs responded to Dick Cheney’s attacks today saying “Gitmo doesn’t work.”
Last we checked America hasn’t been hit since the attacks on 9-11.
Gibbs argues that it has been a powerful argument and rallying cry for those who join the battle:

On the day that President Obama announced that Camp Guantanamo would be closing – and former Vice President Dick Cheney offered a rebuttal immediately after – Obama’s Press Secretary called the camp “an ad hoc patchwork of legal theories that isn’t working legally or organizationally.”

He adds that Vice President Biden would have a better answer as to the release of the Gitmo detainees. To which Jake Tapper said, “He’s not standing in front of you.” Gibbs: “No, he’s not, but I understand he’s got some free time in doing some speaking.”

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