Fr. Jonathon Morris On the Catholic Church, Obama, & Abortion (Video)

This interview today with Fr. Jonathon Morris on FOX News was exceptional.
Fr. Morris differentiated the views of the Catholic Church on abortion versus capital punishment.

Fr. Jonathon Morris also explained the Church’s stand on abortion and how Obama is the most radical pro-abortion president in history:

Father Morris on Obama:

“It’s going to be very interesting to see what President Obama, how he talks about this issue. Normally he does it in two ways. He says it is a moral issue, an ethical issue. My question would be, “Well if it’s a moral and ethical issue, are you suggesting that some times it’s wrong?” And, he doesn’t say that. The second way he talks about abortion is that we want to make it rare. He says nobody is pro-abortion. But when you take a look at his stance, and this is why the Catholic Church, and not just the Catholic Church, is so clear about this, the reason is that he has been the most adament promoter of abortion as a senator…”

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