Far Left Crank Now Poking Fun of Crippled Conservatives

Far Left Crank Joe Klein jokes about crippled conservative Charles Krauthammer–

Evidently, they’ve moved beyond the teabagging jokes and are now making fun of crippled conservatives.
Joe Klein, a writer at the former news magazine TIME, jokes about Charles Krauthammer’s confinement to a wheelchair.
Mark Finkelstein reported, via Free Republic:

Politico has an article today about Charles Krauthammer rightly depicting him as an eminently articulate and influential conservative critic of Pres. Obama. Then comes this [emphasis added]:


There’s something tragic about him too,” Klein said, referring to Krauthammer’s confinement to a wheelchair, the result of a diving accident during his first year of medical school. “His work would have a lot more nuance if he were able to see the situations he’s writing about.

Klein is a very respected liberal writer.

More… mpw280 adds:

Maybe Joe Klein would would write better if he could see the things he writes about better, but that would entail him removing his face from Obama’s a$$.


UPDATE: John Podhoretz goes nuclear on Klein.

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