Colin Powell Waiting For New GOP… One That Votes For Obama

Colin Powell, who endorsed Barack Obama, is waiting for a newer, better, more shinier and socialistic GOP to emerge. reported, via HotAir:

“Rush Limbaugh says, ‘Get out of the Republican Party.’ Dick Cheney says, ‘He’s already out.’ I may be out of their version of the Republican Party, but there’s another version of the Republican Party waiting to emerge once again,” Powell told the crowd.

Evidently, the Grand Old Party Powell envisions will quadruple the deficit in a year, support killing newborn babies that survived abortion, apologize to the world for the sins of America, chuckle at dead pundit jokes, support genocide over keeping troops in Iraq, surrender to terrorists, be influenced by the works of Marx, Wright, Alinsky and Ayers, and support abortion always, everywhere and at taxpayer’s expense.
Is this the party Powell envisions?

More… Solaratov adds:


“At least Specter had the stones to walk out and announce he was now a dimocRAT.”


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