Soros-Funded Bogus Catholic Group Attacks Pro-Life Protesters at Notre Dame In Newspaper Ad

US News reported:

After conservative Roman Catholics caused a stir over President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame this weekend, Catholics who support his visit are raising their voices. The liberal group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is running a full-page ad in the South Bend Tribune this Saturday titled “Catholic Leaders and Theologians Welcome President Obamato Notre Dame.”

Here’s the statement that the ad is built around, and its two dozen signatories.

For the record– Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) is a radical leftist group that twists Catholic Church teachings in order to win elections.
The group is totally dishonest about church doctrine.
Life News reported:

Catholic pro-life groups are condemning what they call a phony voter guide put out by a Catholic organization with ties to abortion advocates. They say the guide from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) incorrectly suggests that support for pro-abortion politicians can be justified.
Joseph Cella, the president of Fidelis, a national Catholic-based advocacy group, told that CACG is headed by Alexia Kelley, a former advisor to the John Kerry presidential campaign.

Kerry, a pro-abortion Massachusetts senator, lost to pro-life President George W. Bush in the 2004 elections.

“Following the 2004 elections, pro-abortion politicians recognized their vulnerability with Catholic voters and have been searching for ways to shrewdly package a convincing arguments that would appeal to morally conscious voters,” Cella says about the mindset behind the voter’s guide.

The CACG booklet argues “we often must vote for candidates who hold the ‘wrong’ Catholic positions on some issues in order to maximize the good our vote achieves in other areas.”

But the nation’s Catholic bishops disagree, Cella explains, saying they made it clear that candidates who are wrong on abortion but hold Catholic views on other political issues don’t deserve the votes of faithful Catholics.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is funded by George Soros.


Soros also funded a dishonest website before the election that claimed that Barack Obama was pro-life.

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