African Countries Want $1 Billion Annual Global Warming Bailout

Junk Science Goes Global–
African nations want their piece of the pie, too.
African officials want the West to donate $1 billion annually to the continent to help fight global warming/climate change.
The AP reported, via Free Republic:

Africa contributes little to global warming but suffers disproportionately from its effects, the continent’s environment ministers said Friday, calling for more money and support from rich nations ahead of a landmark climate conference.

The ministers, meeting in Nairobi, said they will ask for funding from rich nations at December’s U.N. conference in Copenhagen of 190 countries.

They did not give a figure, but the U.N. says Africa needs at least $1 billion a year to manage the effects of climate change such as sinking islands, changing farming techniques and even relocating people from areas affected by extreme weather.

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