Rep. Pete Hoekstra: Pelosi "Wasn't Paying Attention" If She Thought CIA Was Not Waterboarding

Ouch!… Rep. Pete Hoekstra told Sean Hannity tonight that Nancy Pelosi “wasn’t paying attention” if she thought the CIA was not waterboarding:

Nancy Pelosi was briefed on the enhanced interrogation techniques way back in 2002.
It didn’t seem to bother her…
Or, maybe she just wasn’t paying attention.

Rep. Hoekstra this morning in an article at The Wall Street Journal called for an investigation into the likely damage done to U.S. national security by Mr. Obama’s decision to release the memos.

Glenn Reynolds adds, “Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.”


UPDATE: Here’s more on Pelosi and waterboarding— Summed up in 5 seconds.

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