Noted Liar Joe Biden Caught Lying About Bush

VP Joe Biden bragged to fellow Democrats that he used to smack down Bush all the time in private sessions with the president… in the Oval Office… for hours.
Maybe in Joe Biden’s pretend world.
Not in real life.

Joe Biden is at it again:
(Mild Warning on language)

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Noted liar and plagiarist Joe Biden was caught in another lie.
FOX News reported.

Aides to former President George W. Bush are challenging the veracity of Vice President Joe Biden’s claim this week of having privately castigated Bush, who does not remember the incident or an earlier episode in which Biden claims to have similarly rebuked Bush.

Biden spokesman Jay Carney declined to specify the dates of his boss’s purported Oval Office scoldings of Bush. Nor would he provide witnesses or notes to corroborate the episodes.

“The vice president stands by his remarks,” Carney told FOX News without elaboration.
Those remarks include a shot that Biden took at Bush on Tuesday.

“I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office,” Biden told CNN, “‘Well, Joe,’ he said, ‘I’m a leader.’ And I said: ‘Mr. President, turn and around look behind you. No one is following.'”

That exchange never took place, according to numerous Bush aides who also dispute a similar assertion by Biden in 2004, when the former senator from Delaware told scores of Democratic colleagues that he had challenged Bush’s moral certitude about the Iraq war during a private meeting in the Oval Office. Two years later, Biden repeated his story about dressing down the president.

“When I speak to the president – and I have had plenty of opportunity to be with the president, at least prior to the last election, a lot of hours alone with him. I mean, meaning me and his staff,” Biden said on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” in April 2006. “And the president will say things to me, and I’ll literally turn to the president, say: ‘Mr. President, how can you say that, knowing you don’t know the facts?’ And he’ll look at me and he’ll say – my word – he’ll look at me and he’ll say: ‘My instincts.’ He said: ‘I have good instincts.’ I said: ‘Mr. President, your instincts aren’t good enough.'”

Bush aides now dispute the veracity of both assertions by Biden.

“I never recall Biden saying any of that,” former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said after reviewing detailed notes of Bush’s White House meetings with Biden, which include numerous direct quotes from Biden. “I find it odd that he said he met with him alone all the time. I don’t think that’s true.”

Fleischer said that whenever Bush met with Sen. Biden, the meeting also included a congressional counterpart so as to not “antagonize” the House.

Karl Rove, former White House political adviser, also was skeptical of Biden’s claim to have spent “a lot of hours alone” with Bush.

“I remember checking on such a Biden exaggeration while at the White House and no one witnessed the meeting and his comments in remotely the same way,” Rove said.

Candida P. Wolff, Bush’s White House liaison to Capitol Hill, said the only meetings she remembered between Bush and Biden also included other lawmakers. She said such meetings were held in the Cabinet Room or the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, not the Oval Office, and certainly did not last for “hours.”

“The president would never sit through two hours of Joe Biden,” Wolff said. “I don’t ever remember Biden being in the Oval. He was such a blowhard on all that stuff – there wasn’t a reason to bring him in.”

Andy Card, former White House chief of staff, reviewed the two Biden claims and said: “This does not ring true to me. I doubt that it happened.”

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