Is the Washington Post Running Ads On Its Front Page Too?

Change! Last week the LA Times ran an ad on its front page disguised as a news story.

Now, this morning we see this…
Memeorandum reported on Rahmbo’s big win with Congress on helping President Obama get his massive budget passed:

The Washington Post reported:
Give-and-Take With Emanuel Advances President’s Agenda
Lawmakers Respond to Improved Access to White House (by passing Obama budget)

Of course, this is just ridiculous.
The Obama budget passed through the Democratic House without a single GOP vote:

Obama and Rahmbo lost 20 Democrats on the vote.

The US Senate passed the Obama budget without a single GOP vote:

Obama and Rahm lost 2 democratic senators on the vote.

This doesn’t sound like much of a win for Rahmbo now does it?
It’s almost as if they are advertising for Team Obama and the democrats.
Not that this is anything new for the liberal media.

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