Hillary On Cheney & Torture Memos: "He's Not a Reliable Source" (Video)

This must be more of that smart policy we heard about.
Evidently, “smart” means “shrill.”

When asked about releasing the torture memos today on Capital Hill as former VP Dick Cheney requested, Hillary responded: “He’s not a reliable source.”
Breitbart reported:

Of course, she can’t explain why Cheney would be an unreliable source because it was only meant to be a cute bash on the former VP.
Nice work by Rep. Rohrabacher to call Hillaray on her stunt.

More… The AP joined in on the Bush-torture bash today:

Now the Left is claiming that the Bush policies were systemic and led to prisoner abuse.
Boy, they sure are doing a great job lining up their talking points this week.

Related… Forgotten CIA Document Released in 2005 Describes Vast Amount of Information Gathered Using Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (pdf)

More… Jim Rose adds this in the comments:

So after 8 years of hearing how Cheney has been the mastermind of all the evil deeds in the Bush Administration, Hillary is saying he’s not a reliable source on these matters?

Good point.

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